Taylor Hobson has three distinct ranges of Roundness/Cylindricity/Form measurement products – Small sizHavy and large Size Roundness. The use of all of these products is now further explained.

High Precision Roundness


Roundness & Cylindricity Measuring Machines for Shop Floor Applications. Robust enough for the shop floor but accurate enough for any inspection room.

  • Measure fast (3 parts/minute including set-up)
  • Precise results (±25 nm spindle accuracy)
  • Robust and reliable (suitable for 24/7 operation)

The Talyrond 131 is an affordable roundness cylindricity measuring instrument capable of automated operation of both its radial arm and vertical column.

Production Roundness


The Talyrond 500H is an extremely popular instrument providing parameters such as roundness, cylindricity and straightness amongst others, the system has been designed for stability and accuracy and consists of a frictionless air bearing spindle mounted within a cast iron base and a precision machined column.

 The Talyrond 585H is fully automated instrument providing the user full measurement and analysis capability traceable to national and international standards.

  • Automated Gauge calibration
  • Automatic Centre and level with arm follow mode
  • High precision air bearing spindle +/- 0.015 um
  • Gauge resolution 0.3 nm
  • 300 mm, 500 mm, 1000 mm or 1200 mm Vertical straightness unit
Talyrond Roundness


Large Capacity Roundness Measurement Equipments for heavy or complex components InspectionsThis roundness tester has features such as fully automated centre and level and automatic gauge calibration, these features greatly reduce measurement and set up time thus increasing throughput.

The systems come in two types, either with fully automated arm attitude/orientation or a manually operated version, in both cases these patented mechanisms provide access to the most difficult of components.

  • Fully automated centre and level capability with radial follow mode
  • Automatic gauge calibration
  • Patented arm attitude/orientation mechanism with choice of automated or manual
  • Vertical straightness units of up to 1200 mm
  • Large diameter range with adjustable column and 300 mm radial arm
  • Windows based Ultra software with measurement traceable to national and international standards
Big Roundness